We miss you now, our hearts are sore,

As time goes by we miss you more,

Your loving smile, your gentle face,

No one can fill your vacant place.


In our hearts your memory lingers,

Sweetly tender, fond and true,

There is not a day, dear Billy,

That we do not think of you.


We can’t have old days back,

When we were all together,

But secret tears and loving thoughts,

Will be with us forever.


Your face is always before us,

A voice we would love to hear,

A smile we will always remember,

Of a person we loved so dear.


You touched the lives of many,

Like only an angel can do,

So we send this special message,

To the Heaven up above,

Please take care of our Angel,

and send him all our love.

Love and miss you always,

Mom and PaPa,

Bill, Kim, Alex, Madison and Sophia