Notes From Country Club

Hi folks. Due to the overwhelming support for the Scramble on the 18th of May, we are changing the 1 shotgun format to 2 shotguns. The first shotgun will start at 8:30 AM est. and the second shotgun will be at 1:30 PM est. By doing this, hopefully everyone will get a ride cart and this change will allow more people to participate. Oh yeah, it should speed things up a bit too. On the downside, all prizes are last year’s stock which we lay out on tables according to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winners. We will try to keep the merchandise out as long as possible until everyone gets his or hers winnings. The two main reasons for having one shotgun was to start a little later to avoid the chilly mornings this time of year, and have everyone finish together so the winners could choose their winnings immediately following the tourney. With your help and patience, we’ll make this work for all concerned. Because of the shotgun change, I need the teams that are currently signed up to call me and let me know AM or PM. Please let me know ASAP so I can adjust the draw. Sorry about the hassle. By the way, the sun’s out at “the croix”, time for golf......yee haa! Mike.