Town News

Arline Flood



I’m not going to mention the wonderful weather for the last week. There was 7 members and 1 guest attending the Maine TOPS SRD held at the Bangor Civic Center May 3rd and 4th. The leader, Marcia Wheelock, Secretary Sandy Lyon, the treasurer Arline Flood, KOPS members Pauline McConvey, Fred Becker, John Benner and Suzette Scott and guest Floyd Scott. Marcia Wheelock was awarded the Chapter Angel ribbon and pin and Pauline McConvey the Chapter KOPS pin. Fred Becker was in the parade of Past Royalty. Reinstatement and a 10 year certificate and pin. The theme of this year’s SRD was “Where the Magic begins.” With raffles, awards, music and a lot of beautiful ceremonies, the days were busy. We always meet old and new friends to add to the fun. There was a lot of Century Club members with over 100 lbs. of loss up to 182. TOPS celebrates every success. The Fall Rally is in Bangor on October 5th.

There was a party at the Meddybemps Community Center on Sunday afternoon for our retired organist who is busy visiting all of the different churches that she can. After the dinner, she was presented with gift cards from the church, a beautiful cake and flowers and a special picture made by Dawn Winchester.

Lila Lyons was laid to rest in the Dennysville Cemetery along side her husband Harland. She was a cousin to Ralph and a really sweet lady. We missed seeing her after they moved to Florida. She  was very active in the Grange in this area, including holding the office of Master. Also in the Pomona and State Grange, both Lila and Harland held offices.

Ralph and I, along with Louise Lee, joined Alexander Grange last week on Wednesday for a regular meeting and to help to drape the Charter in memory of Mildred Holst. Bradford Hunnewell and Vera Barnes, all great grangers for many years. Liz had a program of memories of them some of them funny. It was a celebration of their Grange journey. Gregg Holst won the mystery prize, a pretty hummingbird feeder. There was members of their families present and a nice lunch was served after the meeting. Mildred was also a cousin to Ralph. It was a nice evening with old friends.

The American Legion and auxiliary will meet on Monday at 6:00 pm on May 20th at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church.

Cathance Grange is cancelled this Wednesday, May 8th as several of the officers have appointments. It will meet again on Wednesday, May 22nd.

There was a select board meeting on Thursday, May 2nd at 7:00 pm.

Our youngest grandson, Aaron Flood, turned 23 on May 3rd and a barbecue was held by his parents with delicious food, cake and ice cream. Ralph went alone as I was out of town, but I want to wish him a great year.

TOPS 256, Calais met on Tuesday night. Jeff Townsend won the gift basket. There was discussion on the upcoming SRD on Friday. The new books were given out to those who ordered them. I find it harder to lose 15 pounds then it was when I needed to lose 40.

P.J. and Ryley Wheelock visited with Paul and Marcia over the weekend, getting in some fishing. They managed to find some trout in a brook. They’ll never tell where. On Sunday, Ryley and Marcia got in some fun time together.