The Dragon’s Den

Camille Howard


Welcome, once again, to the Dragon’s Den! With a new week come and gone we have some news for you, our dear readers. So let’s add one and one and get right “two” it.

The sports programs at WHS had a good, full week. Among the games played there was an away game for the softball team in Jonesport, and the girls came out victorious, 5-2! Congratulations, girls! On Monday the baseball team faced off against Calais, our rival, and they came out victorious, 7-5! Great work, boys! Finally, the tennis team had their first match against Shead High School. The girls came out victorious, but the boys did not have the same outcome. There’s still time for improvement, however, and not too far to go before the season really gets into gear. 

On Tuesday, the wellness class, taught by Mr. Moody, presented their second video  to of the school and had a public showing of the video after school. The video discussed different types of abuse: alcohol and drug, sexual, and verbal, and how choices by adults affect children and teenagers. It was a very powerful video, which really resonated with the student body and community members who came to the afternoon premier of the video. A public speaker from the Bangor area, Tim Shaw came and spoke to the student body about his struggle with substance abuse when he was in high school and a young adult. It was a very touching experience for students. Great work, Wellness class! You’ve hit the ball out of the park again!

The Drama club put in a lot of hard work to perform their show Murder Me, Murder Me Not, this Friday. They had long rehearsals every day last week, which paid off with a great performance of their  play, with lots of falling moustaches and who-done-it hilarity. Thank you to all the community members who came out to the performance and supported the performing arts at WHS. 

Next Tuesday, the 14th the Music and Art department will have their Spring Showcase! The band and chorus have been working hard on their pieces to perform for anyone who would like to listen, and there will be a display of student art for your viewing pleasure. This will also be the performance of the alumni band. Students who have graduated WHS and were 6 members of the band program are invited back into their band chairs to play a piece with the current students. This is a great opportunity for the members of the band, graduated and current, who haven’t seen each other in a while to reconnect. Come down on Tuesday at 7 for the performance of a lifetime!

 That’s just about it for this week at Woodland Jr. Sr. High school. Next week is Teacher appreciation week; so if you see a teacher, thank them for their contribution to the youth. Have a great week, and thanks for checking in!