Calais Spring Concert Showcases Talent

The Calais Middle/High School Spring Concert is always a slightly bittersweet event.  The performance showcases the greatest ability of our musicians, but this is also the last Calais concert that our seniors will ever play in.  However, it was a great send-off for these talented kids!
The night began with a unique Hairspray Medley from the Grades 7-12 Chorus.  They sang pieces of songs such as “Good Morning Baltimore,” “It Takes Two,” and “(It’s) Hairspray” from the popular movie and Broadway musical “Hairspray.”  The medley features Kolya White as Link and Tri-M Music Honor Society member Hannah Sivret as Tracy, both seniors.  After the medley was finished, the audience was treated to a surprise performance from Dylan Angiolillo, another senior.  He changed the pace completely with an excellent beatboxing production.  Even though Dylan said that he “had never beatboxed for more than five people before,” he did a fantastic job.
The High School Jazz Combo took the stage next.  They performed three energetic songs: “Satisfaction,” originally performed by The Rolling Stones, “What’d I Say,” by Ray Charles, and “Jump Start,” by Matt Harris.  The pieces featured several creative solos from Casey Donovan, Brandy Murphy, Amelia Moody and more.  The group was also joined by concert band members John LaPointe and Quinn Sluzenski for the song “Jump Start,” a piece that was first performed at the Washington County Honors Music Festival by several Calais students earlier this year.  Very talented community members Sam Coltart, Jen Donovan, and Dr. Larry Newman also joined the combo.  Dr. Newman especially delighted the audience by singing along in “What’d I Say.”
Before the Concert Band took the stage, seven new Tri-M Music Honor Society members were officially recognized.  Cecilie Von Haugwitz, Emily Reynolds, Quinn Sluzenski, Matthew Bridges, Casey Donovan, Jordan Daley, and Conor McCadden have now joined the nine senior members in this national organization.
After these students were honored, the Concert Band finished the concert with a exemplary display of talent.  The pieces ranged from the methodic and low-instrument centered “Elephants,” to the energetic “Radetsky March,” to the beautiful “Grand Canyon Suite.”  After the classical music portion was finished, the musicians played a set of music from movies that truly impressed the audience.  First, they performed “Live and Let Die” to celebrate 50 years of James Bond.  Then band president and Tri-M member Amelia Moody conducted her own arrangement of a Lion King medley.  Finally, the concert was brought to an explosive finish with “Pirates of the Carribbean,” the band’s favorite piece to play.
Now the band has finished all of their formal performances and just has to prepare for events such as the Memorial Day parade and Class Night.  However, it would have been hard to put on a more enjoyable showcase of the Concert Band, Chorus, and Jazz Combo’s talented members.  This concert could never have happened without Calais’ hardworking musical director Alison Brennan.  All of the student musicians at Calais, and indeed the whole community that enjoys their music, owe her a great debt of thanks for her dedication.  We are sure that even without our amazing seniors, next year is going to be a fantastic, music-filled event!