GED Deadline

Adults who live in the Greater Calais area who have not yet completed their GED tests are reminded that there is a deadline of December 15th to finish, or they will have to start all over in January when the new GED test begins.  Pre-testing and prep services are available by appointment through the Adult Basic Education collaboration that serves Washington County.  These free sessions are held on the campus of WCCC, and may be arranged by calling 944-7358.
In addition, a class in consumer math is being planned, and anyone who is interested in registering or would like to find out more are urged to call the same number for more information.  It is anticipated that there may be a book fee for the class.  Day and time will be arranged to accommodate as many of those who are interested as possible.
If you would like to see more adult education services become available in eastern Washington County, please contact the collaboration office at 255-0344 in Machias or email the coordinator, Bonnie Fortini, at