Letter To The Editor - Kendall

The recent State on-site visit to the Calais Regional Hospital did not go well. There are many issues that need to be addressed. The State is making a follow-up visit this month, and will determine the future viability of CRH as a Critical Access Hospital in Washington County.
The recent terminations over the past year of physicians who were committed to this community, (the most recent termination being Dr.Bob Chagrasulis), is disconcerting. The terminations were not for clinical care, nor patient complaints, nor behavioral issues but rather one suspects and argues, for criticism of administrative proceedings at CRH.
This is a worrisome trend.
All hospitals and businesses encounter difficulties and “bumps in the road,” however, the Calais community needs to be aware of the serious consequences of their local hospital’s problems be they of an administrative or logistical nature. Citizens should voice their concerns to CRH Board members and hospital administration. A list of the CRH Board members is available from the hospital.
Barbara Kendall