Students Enhance Community Appearance

By Jayna Smith

Students from the Calais School District recently volunteered in a community service project to help improve the city’s appearance.  The group worked hard picking up trash in the vicinity of the upper end of Calais Avenue.  (Photo by Jayna Smith).

Students in grades 3 to 11 of the Calais School District recently did some much needed community clean-up on the upper end of Calais Avenue.  The students and teachers met at the Dicenzo Athletic Complex, under the guidance of special education teacher Alex Casalini. 
Despite the drizzly weather, the kids donned gloves and jackets and got to work picking up winter’s left over debris.  The school has had student volunteers participate in such a service project for the last nine years.
 Casalini commended Assistant City Manager Jim Porter for his involvement in the clean-up.  “Jim Porter has been essential in our efforts as he always provides the students with gloves, garbage bags, garbage pick-up, and direction for the areas that most require our attention.” 
Providing the students with the opportunity to beautify their neighborhood not only gives them a sense of pride and belonging, it also allows them to give back to their community.  “This activity enables the students to be productive members of our society and provides a sense of accomplishment that is tangible and real,” Casalini said.  “I am proud of our students for volunteering in this activity and am always pleased with their diligence and determination to help keep our community clean.”