Town News

Sharon Frost


September 19th - 

Full harvest moon. For a few nights around this full moon, there is bright moonlight early in the evening. In ages past, this meant that farmers could continue harvesting after sunset.

September 20th - POW/MIA Recognition Day

September 21st - International Day of Peace.

A gospel music concert by Dan Schall was held on Saturday evening at the K of C Hall. A large crowd attended. Some great old gospel hymns were sung and the crowd got to join in. The concert was sponsored by Bill and Arline Gibson. Refreshments were served.

Dan and Linda will be at the Danforth Methodist Church at 6 pm on September 20th at  Pembroke Methodist Church on September 27th at 7 pm. If you get a chance, go and listen to some great singing and stories to tell. You will be glad you did.

This Saturday the 21st is Junk in the Trunk Day, rain or shine, 8 am to noon. Calais downtown parking lots between Peabody and The Bank of Maine. Reserve your space at 454-7000. Also will be the downtown sidewalk sale. 9 - 5.

An indoor yard sale is being held at Holy Rosary Parish at 63 Union St.,  St. Stephen on September 28th at 8:30 (Canadian).

Lisa Fox and I were invited to a lovely brunch by our dear friend Joni Miller on Saturday. We talked over the happenings in the area, the loss of Joni’s cat Sweetie and toured her lovely apartment she so beautifully decorated.

Seniority breakfast at the Wickachee on Wednesday September 25th at 7 am.

Our Birthday wishes: Anthony Demmons, Pat Sammer, Diane Richendollar, Billy Gibson (Calais) and (Milltown), Rita Yardley, Pauline McFadden, Hannah Sivret, Jo-Anne Bartlett, Patty Wentworth, Ed Farrell, Rose Curtis, Betty McMillan, Alex Doten, Edwina DiCenzo, Robbie Smith, Judy Thompson, Pat Townsend.

The Sunday morning Wichachee breakfast group celebrated a surprise birthday with a fall decorated cake and key lime pie for July Thompson and Pat Townsend. Lovely cards and surprises were presented to each one after we all enjoyed our breakfast.

The new paved road is looking up. The crew is doing a wonderful job, each one in their place. All the rain we’ve had hasn’t helped out.

A coconut a day. Curb cravings, help maintain your weight, lower cholesterol, boost your energy, alleviates digestive disorders.