Calais High School

Quinn Sluzenski

On Tuesday night, there was a meeting held to determine which cuts will be made to Calais High School’s budget.   At the time that this article was written, this meeting had not happened yet, so I unfortunately cannot comment on it.  The reactions of the teachers and students will be documented in next week’s article.  For now, all I can say is that we hope the decisions made are the best possible options for our school.

Despite the looming budget problems, everyone is trying to keep a positive attitude.  On Wednesday morning, student council members Keegan Newman, Madison McVicar, Kyra Porter, Conor McCadden, Taylorae Carter, and Anna Jean McClure decorated the teachers’ room with blue and white and provided refreshments out of appreciation for everything the teachers’ are doing.  The teachers were extremely grateful for what those students did, saying it was the happiest the teachers room had been for weeks.  On the same day, Mr. Robb started the morning announcements with a weather and sports report, which bemused and entertained both the teachers and students.

Even beyond cheering up the teachers, Student Council has been extremely busy lately.  They gave up a day of their summer vacation to give tours on freshmen day.  They volunteered at the benefit supper for the family of Justin Chick, a recent Calais graduate who passed away after a tragic ATV accident.  There are elections approaching for both Student Council’s executive board and the freshmen officers, which will be held on the 24th and 27th, respectively.  Finally, they will be hosting the annual Welcome Freshmen Dance on September 27th from 7-10 p.m.  Any freshman who brings in their personal blue devil--the personalized wall decorations that were placed around the school with every freshman’s name--will receive a one dollar discount.

Many of our Student Council members are involved in student leadership beyond Calais High School.  Conor McCadden, Maine state president, Dominic Gayton, president-elect, John Lapointe, Eastern Maine regional president, and Kendra Parks, middle school state representative, recently traveled with Student Council advisors Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. Stanchfield to Bangor to finalize plans for the annual State Conference.  The conference will be held at Camp Kieve on October 20th-21st.  There will be a polar dip to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House, the selected state charity.  Members are currently looking for $25 pledges to help this worthy cause.

Speaking of worthy causes, National Honor Society is starting a fundraiser for the Relay for Life of St. Croix Valley.  People may purchase a tulip in honor of a survivor or in memory of a loved one who battled with cancer.  The tulips will be planted in a ribbon shape at the Relay for Life site and will be displayed at the event in May.  At the Relay for Life, all of the honorees will be announced.  All money raised goes to the American Cancer Society.  Tulips are three dollars each; please contact the school or a National Honor Society member if you are interested in purchasing one.

It is heartening to see everyone pressing forward as usual, even though tensions from the budget are pushing down on all of us.  Whatever happened on Tuesday, as long as we keep our positive attitude and Calais pride, we can make it through anything.