Town News

Arline Flood


The fall colors are kicking in this last week. Eric tells me that the colors are gold in AZ with the Aspens turning, but there are no dramatic colors like Maine and he misses it. The swamps were showing a little color when he left Maine on the 13th but this last week, 191 is starting to show some pretty colors. The wild wind and rain over the weekend scattered some leaves off the trees. We don’t need the calender to tell us that it’s fall!

TOPS 256 met on Tuesday with 14 members present. Fred Becker will be with the group for one more week before he leaves for the winter. The free week went to Brittany, the 50-50 to John Johnson and the basket to Tammy. It was Sandy Lyons birthday and a card was signed by all and given to her with a rousing happy birthday sung by all. Later we went to the Motor Inn, her choice, for dinner. When the waitress heard about the birthday girl, Sandy was presented an individual dessert with a lit candle and, of course, another song by all present. I’m glad we celebrated on her actual birthday, the 17th, as when the family party on Sunday, the 22nd rolled around, she was really sick and missed it. Knowing us, we had it anyway and Denny took her gifts home. What a day with the wind and rain and both our favorite teams winning, the Patriots and Red Sox!

The supper held in Meddybemps for the Fire Department was well attended and the ham excellent along with some delicious desserts. I bought some tickets then left. On Sunday I found out that I had won four times.

John Johnson drove himself and Will Day to Gorham to our cousin Polly’s home on Wednesday and on Thursday they all took the train into Boston for the Red Sox game and had the thrill to watch them win. They drove back to Cooper on Friday.

The Post 3 and Unit 3 in Calais held meetings on Monday night. The ladies are planning a Poppy Day in November on Saturday the 9th just before Veterans’ Day on Monday the 11th. The President, Barbara Ramsdell, was given a check to help with Fall Conference expenses. The meeting will be held at the Smith-Tobey Post 21, Bath. The membership is slowly coming for 1014. The third place is District 6 for the State. Now that the meetings have started from the summer recess, hopefully it will pick up.

Get well wishes to Donna Little, Vince Dineen and all those who need our prayers and support.

On Wednesday, September 25th, the Cathance Grange will meet at the Hall at 7 pm. There will be installation with the obligation.