Indian Township

Town News

Donna Meader-York

Volley ball season is upon us here at Indian Township School.  We have quite a large girl’s team this year. Our team players are: Phyllis Lola, Lila Acheson, Nakeisha Nicholas, Kelsey Jervis, Nipon Sabattus, Audrey Nicholas, Brooke Neptune, Jenna Neptune, Twyla Smiley, Taylor Sockabasin, Simone Polches, Malleah Brown, Nicole Nicholas, Alexis Polches, Emma Soctomah, Allanah Barnes, Alexis Lyons-Rice, and Manager Cailyn Plaisted.   Our first game was on Monday September 16 at Calais, where Calais won it in five games.  High scorer for ITS was Kelsey Jervis with 13 points. Our second game was on Tuesday September 17 at Woodland, where ITS took it in three games. High scorers were Audrey Nicholas and Nipon Sabattus, both with 10 points each.  Here is the schedule for Volley ball: Princeton at ITS Monday Sept.23 at 3:30, ITS at Machias 4:00 on Tuesday Oct. 1, ITS at Woodland 4:00 on Wednesday Oct. 2, ITS at Princeton 3:30 on Tuesday Oct. 8, Calais at ITS 3:30 on Thursday Oct. 10, ITS at Elm St. 4:00 on Tuesday Oct. 15, Woodland at ITS 3:30 on Thursday Oct. 17, Machias at ITS 4:00 on Monday Oct. 21, ITS at Lubec 4:00 on Wednesday Oct. 23, and Elm St. at ITS 4:00 on Thursday Oct. 31

In other news, our NWEA testing is completed. We have been testing school-wide for the past two weeks. These assessments are very important because they are the beginning measures in Math and Reading and are used to measure progress throughout the school year. Our students have worked diligently to get these done, and have been rewarded with little extra snippets of outside play, (exercise), and snacks of fresh fruit (healthy eating).  What better way to use rewards as teaching moments!

At press time, the After School Program will have already started on Monday September 23.  The Program will run Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from dismissal to 4:30 for students in Kindergarten through eighth grade.  Students will begin their afternoon with homework help and a healthy snack. At 3:30, they will have the opportunity to join an activity until 4:30. Then they will be brought home on the bus.  Activities being offered this semester include; Drumming, which will include learning traditional songs, round drum, and hand drum. Students who prove to have an aptitude for singing and drumming may be asked to form an Indian Township drum group. In Shawl Dance lessons, girls will learn the steps and movements of the shawl dance.  The Shawl Dance mimics the actions of a butterfly. Women in the community who have an interest in learning may join in with our girls on Wednesdays at 3:30.  Please sign in with me first. Health and Beauty offers girls the foundations of skin care, nail care, hair care, and personal hygiene. Students will learn simple recipes to make their own lip gloss, body scrub, and an assortment of other products. Zumba, always a fun activity, is being offered to all students. Outdoor Fun will be geared to the season and the weather.  Make sure your children have appropriate outdoor clothing for this activity.  Fun with Songs is geared toward our younger students. There will be lots of singing and dancing, and I imagine lots of laughter.  Please take note that not all activities are offered to all students. Some activities are age and/or gender specified.  Reminder, Indian Township high school students may receive tutoring/homework help. Just call Ms. Donna first to make sure there is a tutor available for you.

The Woodland Fall Festival Parade is being held on October 12.  The committee there has invited any Passamaquoddy person who would like to dress in regalia and march in the parade.  If you would like to participate in the parade, please call JoEllen Gallant at 427-6575 and let her know. 

As the season is changing from summer to winter, so are there big changes in the life of our Miss Julia.  Julia Nicholas, a former student, Coach, and Ed Tech here at Indian Township School has joined the Army, and leaves for boot camp in November. As if that were not enough of a change for Miss Julia, she also got married on Saturday September 21!  Jules, we thank you for your service to our community with our youth, and to our country.  We wish you success and much happiness on your new journey with Lacey.  

Until next week, keep open minds and open hearts so you can always keep learning!