Town News

Linda Baniszeski

More seasonally fall weather has arrived in Meddybemps.  Up and down temperatures, with no two days the same, is the tempo for September in this part of the country.  No matter the weather, as my dear departed Dad used to say, “any day we wake up is a good one.”

Happy Birthday wishes to Bill Doten, Sr., and Deb Dow (postmaster) on September 30.  Also celebrating her birthday that same day is Alexa Jane Gillespie, Daughter of Adam and Stephanie Gillespie and granddaughter of Chris and Dennis. Adam, Stephanie and Alexa reside in Eddington.  During the first week of October, celebrating their birthdays are Maxine Arbo on the 1st; Lance Bagley on October 2; and Meg Teele Rothberg and Elaine Gilchrist on the 3rd. Enjoy your special days!

Continuing get well wishes to Vince Dineen. 

Pat and Rich Lentz from Pennsylvania have been at camp this past week.  Karen Gilbert and her neighbor and friend, Cindy Troxel, just returned to Pennsylvania after a week’s stay at the Gilbert camp.  The Lentzs and Gilberts will return in October for their final 2013 visits.

Welcome back to Mike Johnson and Sharon Nelson who have returned from a “Fall convertible trip” throughout Nova Scotia with Everett and Dawn Libby.  The group annually takes trips in their convertibles to various destinations.  Each year the group of two to three couples travels to new places in their convertible cars.

Make sure to keep garage and access doors tightly closed.  As the weather cools, those little chipmunks and red squirrels try to get into warmer areas to nest.  We’ve had a chipmunk who thinks its winter residence is our garage.  Barry has had to shoo it out more than once.  So now the garage doors are down - no chippies and squirrels admitted.

The fall foliage season in Maine has officially begun, according to the Maine Forest Service. Good news for those of us fortunate enough to be living amidst Maine forests. The Forest Service also said that it believes this year’s Maine foliage season will be one of the best ever. The 2013 Fall Foliage Report from the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry reports: “the northernmost part of the state is experiencing subtle color changes of less than 30% with very low leaf drop at less than 10%. However, the state anticipates an outstanding foliage season according to the Maine Forest Service “  

Bill Ostrofsky, forest pathologist for the Maine Forest Service observed:  “...Native maples, particularly the red and sugar maples, which are considered to provide the great backdrop of seasonal color, have vigorous, healthy foliage with no notable problems. Given our moderate summer weather, and allowing for this trend into the fall, we expect an outstanding vibrant show, overall.” For continuous weekly updates every Wednesday through October 16th, visit the state’s official foliage website The web site will also list dates, times and locations for fall foliage hikes in the state parks as the season progresses. Visitors can sign up to receive weekly reports by e-mails while sharing their photos of the vibrant color throughout the state as the leaves slowly change on the Maine Fall Foliage page on Facebook. Additionally, the foliage website will list the fall foliage ranger-led hikes in the state parks.”  During foliage season, our own Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge opens some of its usually closed access roads for rides and hikes through park areas for the most beautiful foliage vantage points.

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