Town News

Kathy Mekelburg


My husband took the biggest scooter trip of the year on September 17th - 18th. The first day he travelled across Maine and saw Dixville Notch in New Hampshire, a really beautiful place. He stayed overnight in Colebrook, New Hampshire.

The second day he travelled through a corner of Vermont, then took the mountain road through New Hampshire’s Connecticut Lakes. Elevations ranged from 1650 feet at First Connecticut Lake to 2200 feet at Third Lake. At that height, the fall foliage was about fifty percent towards peak color.

He then crossed the New Hampshire/Quebec border at Prospect Hill. At an elevation of 2380 feet, it is the highest border crossing east of the Rocky Mountains and the highest elevation reached by the scooter The Quebec customs officers are more security conscious than their New Brunswick counterparts. There are always two officers heavily armed. Security gates are in front of the customs booth (have to be raised for a vehicle to pass), and the same type of gate blocks the outgoing road from Quebec to the U.S.

The view from that crossing is spectacular. The land drops off almost a thousand feet to farmland, while Mont Megantic towers up 3600 feet above sea level. Also, the roads seem to be better maintained than they are in this area.

Before crossing back into Maine at Coburn Gore, a side trip was made to the town or Lac Megantic where the train disaster occurred in July. There is a temporary guard shack and gates guarding the main street; only authorized vehicles are allowed to enter. My husband stood at the same spot as the camera crews did at the time of the disaster. Most of the rubble was cleared away, but there were many blank spaces and damaged buildings. Other than this disaster zone, Lac Megantic is quite a prosperous area with many expensive homes; some are made of stone. There was a town park along the lake which was absolutely spotless, not a sign of litter anywhere.

Overall, it was an interesting trip. Total distance travelled, 657 miles.

The day my husband was in Quebec, 13 members of the Garden Club joined me in my gazebo by the pond for a meeting. It was decided that because the weather we go on a hike. Everyone joined in and walked to the Lookout Tower and decided to climb to the top. You could see for 50 miles in all directions. We all posed for a group picture. We walked back to the gazebo where we had a meeting and refreshments. We had walked 1-1/4 miles. Four of my dogs took the walk with me and everyone had a great time.

Next Monday (September 30), at 7 pm at the school, there will be a town meeting on the revised school budget. Everyone is urged to attend.

Tuesday, October 1st, the Pomona Grange will meet in Perry at 6 pm. During the meeting, officers for 2014 will be installed.