Grand Lake Stream

Town News

Dave McCullough

What beautiful weather! After making apple cider last weekend we took the apple mash and placed it across the pond in what we call a feed yard for wild game.  Within a couple days there were 20 wild turkeys enjoying the mash. Always a nice sight to see in the morning.  This past weekend was a great time for gatherings with our perfect weather and it seemed on every corner people were enjoying themselves. 

What a wonderful gift to everyone interested in history.  The Grand Lake Stream Museum will hold an open house on Sunday October 6th from 2 to 4 pm. Each year there are many new pieces added! Come and view the many items, documents and pictures that reflect the story of Grand Lake Stream! Snacks and hot cider will be served.

The graveside service for George Hazen Bagley will be held at the Village Cemetery at 11:00 am on October 7th.

The school house project is almost complete and all reports say it is wonderful!  Thanks to the carpenters and builders!

Come and enjoy a History & Heritage Book Discussion: “Tales from Misery Ridge, One Man’s Adventure in the Great Outdoors by Paul J. Fournier, Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 6:30 PM held at the Grand Lake Stream Historical Society, Milford Rd, Grand Lake Stream. The Downeast Lakes Land Trust and the Grand Lake Stream Historical Society are pleased to host a discussion of Paul J. Fournier’s first book. 

Paul J. Fournier was a registered Maine Guide, bush pilot, sporting camp owner, nature photographer, videographer, television producer and a longtime official with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.  His book details his experiences and adventures in Maine’s Great North Woods and beyond. Readers will soar with him on his first solo flight in a Piper Cub, see how a master builder makes Fournier’s dream canoe a reality, meet brave flying Maine Wardens on rescue calls, net some spectacularly large salmon, and take part in an historic mission to transplant caribou from Newfoundland to Maine.  Tales from Misery Ridge is a collection of those and other stories from a special time — and place.

While having read the book is not required, by doing so certainly prepares participants to take part in a more lively discussion.

The Grand Lake Stream ATV Club continues the active addenda for events to be held in October.  Come and be part of these events!

Oktoberfest-at Chet’s Camps-Sunday October 20th at 3:30 P.M. Bring your favorite dish and beverage! The club will provide grilled sweet and hot sausage. We will have a campfire and the Lodge will be open. Get your raffle tickets and money to Linda Curtis. The drawing will be held at Oktoberfest. All welcome to join in the fun!

Club Meeting-October 24 at 7 P.M.-8 P.M. at the GLS school/Town Office building. We need two representations to ATV Maine. This will be our final meeting for the year.

ATV Maine and Club Insurance-membership and insurance for our club have been completed. Insurance costs are reimbursable from our annual ATV grant.

Trail Information Clarification - Passamaquoddy tribal lands are open for riding during hunting season. Penobscot tribal lands are not. As always, be respectful of those hunting and wear orange during hunting season.

Thank you to all who have worked on trails, hosted events, and helped with club events this year.

“The spectacular early fall weather continued through the weekend.  Downeast Lakes Land Trust posted some photos of the fall color on Big Musquash Stream to their Facebook page at  There’s even one of a close-up of mammal you don’t normally expect to find swimming that jumped onto the bow of Mark Berry’s kayak for a rest.”

The Grand Lake Stream ATV Club held a ride to the Waite General Store on Saturday. Joe and Wayne, owners of the store, treated the club to a delicious grilled chicken lunch.

It was accompanied by “grandmother’s potato salad, cole slaw, and delicious fresh fruit shortcakes. The club appreciates the hospitality and business membership in the GLS ATV Club.

     An appreciation dinner for our landowners and supporters was held at Leen’s Lodge on Sunday night. Without access to area lands, the club would not be able to enjoy the beauty of our area trails. Thank you to the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, Woodland Pulp LLC, Wagner, and Lyme Timber for granting the club land owner permission to ride. The club would also like to acknowledge the local Warden Service and the Maine Department of Conservation for their support in maintaining the safety and maintenance of our trails.

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust’s (DLLT) Education and Communications Manager, Tanya Rucosky led intrepid journalers on a foray to Dawn Marie Beach at Lake Wabassus. Traversing a moss-carpeted pathway strewn with yellow footed chanterelles and reindeer lichen, the journal writers braved fall-torpid garter snakes and moose droppings to arrive at the enchanted and secluded beach. 

Sustained with shared cheese, cranberry bread and butter cookies, the group fell to writing, painting, and drawing. Conversation, charcoals, and oil pastels were shared among the group. While Gus the frog-hunting apricot poodle paddled the edge of the mirror flat lake, journalers attempted to capture the luminous glow of reddening maples and golden ash.

Some journalers were shy with their results--watercolors don’t come easy. However, others demonstrated their mastery of the mercurial bleeding of water on ink. Some journalers applied themselves to rendering trees, more ambitious souls attempted to capture Wabassus Mountain, the still water and restful sky. Artist’s conk fungus, as well as paper and digital cameras were all used to depict the weather, the place, and most importantly the moment.

“We sat and talked, as much as drew or wrote,” admitted one participant. “But I got to know who I was sitting with in a completely new way.”

“Whether we are drawing, writing, or talking, it’s not often we give ourselves permission to slow down, look, and BE in a totally different way,” said Rucosky.

More journaling hikes through the DLLT are in the pipeline across the autumn and possibly into winter.  Skill, ability and prior training are not required--an interest in and appreciation for nature are all one needs to get involved.

Have a great week!  Your humble correspondent, Dave McCullough contact info:  or 207-839-4205