Man Up They Did, Thanks to CRH

 Volunteers Ole and Sandy Jaeger of the Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer (l) and Dr. Jose Vergara (r) were available during the free prostate screening at CRH to answer questions and provide information on the disease.

Working cooperatively with the Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer , Calais Regional Hospital, as a service to their community, provided a free screening event for men.

Notices and ads canvassed the community encouraging men to “Man Up and Get Screened.”   The notices pointed out that one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime and the time to deal with it is best when the cancer is localized and has not spread.  Catching it early through regular screening is the way to do this.

Men in the community responded. The September 26 screening slots were all full with area men from a wide circle around Calais venturing in to Calais Regional. All were treated with dignity and respect and Dr. Jose Vergara conducted the free screening with the CRH lab performing the analysis. By now, all the men have received a written report indicating that all is ok or that they might need a follow-up. 

Many of the men were accompanied by their wives or partners and often, indeed, it is these spouses who are the ones encouraging the men to be tested.

The Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer ( is a statewide all volunteer organization and provides factual information to men. They also have a speaker’s bureau, support groups, one to one confidential conversations, attend fairs and encourage hospitals to offer free screenings.