Octoberfest Wrap-Up

Grand Marshals for the 2013 Octoberfest Parade are Dr. and Mrs. Tom McHugh. (Photo by Dorothy Johnson).


By Dorothy Johnson

All of the October Fest activities are now just a memory.  The children loved the juggler, unicycle and the workshop in the Woodland Elementary School gym on Wednesday.  The younger children did not participate in the workshop but were allowed to watch so it was like a second show for them.

The scarecrow contest was judged for those residents and businesses who had registered for the judging.  The results were first place to Muriel and Danny McPhee, second place went to the Greg Cox family and third place went to Sherry and Mike Emery.  For the businesses, the winner was the V. L. Tammaro Oil Company.  These exhibits take a lot of work and the Holiday Committee appreciates those that put forth the effort.

The supper at the People’s United Methodist Church was very-well attended and quite a few people attended the talent show at the high school.  Both events were on Friday.  A picture of the talent show winners can be found in this paper.  First prize went to 10 year-old Maya Gallant of Woodland.

Saturday marked the day of the big parade and the many activities at the park and the Old Parking Center.  The petting zoo was well-received by the children and they all had to visit the area and touch the animals.  The two trains were also a draw for the children.  One had a governor to control its speed and the other did not.  I’ll leave readers to guess which one was busier.  Conductors Francis Bohanon, who built his own train, and Ron McAlpine had a great time with their new jobs.

The parade was led by the colors carried by veterans Mike McLellan and Tony Ramsdell and by Grand Marshals, Dr. Tom and Anne McHugh. Both seemed to be enjoying the experience perched on the back of the spiffy convertible.  The Woodland Jr./Sr. High School Band, the pride of the community, marched in the parade and then played a few selections from the magnificent stage that was provided by town manager Rick Bronson. Barbara’s School of the Dance also put on an exhibition. Many spectators commented on how much better they could see with participants being on the stage.

Several groups had floats in the parade including the Ukulele Band with a few guitarists. One float came with its own smoke and made some spectators think we had an emergency for the fire department. Again the floats take a lot of effort and ingenuity and both spectators and the Holiday Committee appreciate the effort put forth by participants.

After the parade, activities were fun and very competitive.  Scott Rhoades, a senior at W. H. S. won the pie-eating contest. The most excited children were the youngsters who won the six bicycles that were procured by the holiday Committee. Winning for the 4 to 7 year olds were boy Ethan Coleman and girl Shayley Guire.  For the 8 to 18 year olds taking home the bicycles were girls Lauren Wilcox and Opal Yates and for the boys Zachary Tracey and Issac Ashley.

The Haunted House will continue its job of scaring the daylights out of kids until Halloween.

On Sunday John and Jo Gallant were back at the Old Shopping Center cleaning up after the vendors and the many activities.  And so October Fest 2013 comes to an end.  The Holiday Committee will have a Christmas (holiday) Parade and festivities for the children.  Many volunteers have stepped forward to take on specific activities for next year’s October Fest.  Let us hope that someone will carry on this fantastic community celebration.  In the meantime much applause is sent to our home town heroes Jo and John Gallant and Muriel and Danny McPhee and their several volunteers.