Calais High School

Quinn Sluzenski

Things are looking up for Calais High School.  Over the past couple of weeks, the budget deficit has shrunk from $400,000 to less than $50,000.  Part of this money came from the city, which managed to find more funds to contribute to the school.  The school has also made several cuts of its own.  Last week a teacher workshop day was transformed into a furlough day, which means it was a day off for everyone and no one was paid.  Additionally, the school system eliminated and reduced a few positions.  One creative change that the school has made is the switch to a new kind of heating fuel.  It will be a little colder but less expensive.  It sounds like a good decision, as long as the heater doesn’t break again like it did on Monday!  Luckily, technicians quickly came to fix it.

While the budget situation continues to improve, students have been very distracted by everything else happening.  Last Wednesday, every sophomore and junior took the PSATs, a national standardized test designed to prepare students for the SATs.  Juniors who score high enough may also qualify to receive a scholarship through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Cross-country season is coming to a close.  This Saturday, the runners will compete in the Eastern Maine Championships.  If they qualify, they will run in the state meet next week.  The cross country team has done very well this year and we wish them luck in their final meets.

Volleyball season is nearing the end as well.  On Monday, the senior volleyball players played their last regular season game at Calais High School.  Three managers and five players were given gifts and photographed with their parents to celebrate what for most of them was a four-year commitment.  The volleyball team’s first post-season game will be at Calais on Thursday.

The volleyball senior game actually had to be pushed back an hour so a few student council members had the chance to return from their state conference in time to play.  The student council spent Sunday and Monday at Camp Kieve meeting students from around the state, listening to speakers, doing leadership activities, and learning how to make this school year better than ever for themselves and the whole school.

The drama club has been very busy lately.  Unfortunately, their hopes to do a Halloween musical were dashed by special effects constraints (there’s only so much fake blood you can get on a high school stage).  They are now planning to perform the musical Ruthless!, which pokes fun at Broadway. The play will be shown in January.

The AP English students are pushing themselves more and more to get ready as the Veterans’ Day Assembly gets closer.  The presentation will be held on November 8th at 9:00 a.m.  All community members are welcome and veterans are especially encouraged to come.  The assembly will feature live music, a dedicatory film, and many other presentations put on by the AP English students.  Refreshments will be served to the veterans.

The yearbook team is hard at work collecting information for the 2014 yearbook.  Seniors are reminded that all of their written materials have to be in as soon as possible and their pictures are due on November 1st.  It seems strange to think about the end of the year in October, but fall sports are wrapping up, the first quarter is nearly over, and this year is speeding right along.