Calais Police Report

Over the past week, officers have responded to 46 incidents, 4 accidents.  Officers also conducted 10 traffic stops with all but one resulting in warnings, and all but one for the offence of speeding.  One summons was issued for speed.

On 10/20/13 Officers were called to a noise complaint on Lowell St.  As a result of this complaint, not only were occupants warned for the noise, but a juvenile was summoned for possession of a usable amount of marijuana.

Officers were called to Monroe St. on 10/20/ 13 for an intoxicated, out-of-control person refusing to leave the residence of another.  The subject was removed and warned not to return to the residence.

On 10/18/13 Officers responded to a report of a possible domestic assault on Franklin St. As a result of the investigation, Shaele Walter, 20, of Calais was arrested for domestic assault and transported to Washington County Jail.

Two subjects arrived at the Calais Police Department on 10/18/13 with a disoriented, injured third party.  The injured male had been located on North St. and was confused about preceding events.  The subject was transported to Calais Regional Hospital and an investigation continues for this aggravated assault.

Timothy Smith, 30, of St. Stephen was summoned for the charge of theft after having been detained on South St.

On 10/14/13, officers received a report of a violation of a protective order.  This case is under investigation.  

Actions of Calais Police Department receiving the most “buzz” this week, are the drug investigations. Officers from Calais as well as Baileyville, in a joint effort are investigating every tip reported to them by local citizens.  Our tip line has been busy and we have been receiving personal messages via email and social media, by residents determined to clean-up their neighborhoods.  Area residents are encouraged to call our tip line at 454-8730 or the non-emergency line at 454-2752 to relay possible drug information.  CPD employees are also receiving personal emails and private messages on social media sites.  Without help from residents, our success will be limited.

Pictures of reported problem streets have been posted on social media and residents in those areas are encouraged to be vigilant and report suspicious activity they may witness.   While pictures are revealing some houses, residents are reminded that Calais Police Department is conducting an investigation.  That does not mean there have been violations at those residences, only that reports have been made concerning the area shown in the picture.    Although the overwhelming- majority of the feedback from this effort has been positive, there is also some negative.  Calais Police Department wishes to thank all citizens for taking the time to express their feelings, regardless of their views.  We realize that not everyone will appreciate our efforts, but constructive feedback is always welcome.