The Dragon’s Den

Camille Howard

The students at Woodland Jr. Sr. had a busy week, even though it was only three days long! So let’s go into the kitchen and get cooking! 

Varsity Soccer player Damon Lincoln made his 74th career goal, setting the school record and taking his place as 10th in the state for Boys’ High School Soccer. Since the boys’ soccer team still has a few games left in their season, so there’s time for him to further his success. Great work, Damon! 

Several of the sports teams had their senior games this week. The volleyball team held their senior game, which was also their “Pink Zone” game. Pink Zone games are held all over the country, and raise awareness for early breast cancer detection. The volleyball team has made it into the playoffs, but this was the last game that seniors Alissa Campbell, Taylor Storey, and Kim Moraisey will play at WHS. Also graduating are managers Scott Rhoades and Andrew Howland. The girls’ varsity soccer team also said goodbye to seven of their seniors at their game on Friday. The soccer team is losing Kylee Caruso, Morgan James, Courtney James, Vanessa Kidder, Kori Gullison, Brooke Leeman and Josey Lee. These girls were all major parts of the team, and will all be missed. We wish all of our Seniors the best of luck in their future endeavors. 

Sophomores and juniors had a hard Wednesday this week. On their first day back from a long weekend, these students took the PSAT. This test is designed to give students a feel for the actual SAT that Juniors will be taking in the spring. This test is quite a marathon, good work to all the students who completed the test. The scores will be sent to the school in December of this year. 

The Music Department is starting one of its major fundraisers of the year this week: A Halloween Basket Raffle. In the basket are candies, face paint, a Halloween movie, and other goodies. If you’re interested in buying a ticket, you can speak to any member of the WHS band of chorus. Also starting one of its major fundraisers is the WHS Student council. They’ll be going around their neighborhoods with catalogs full of Christmas goodies, miscellaneous household items. This fundraiser is largely responsible for the yearly Winter Carnival that is held in February at WHS. So get out there and Fundraise, Fundraise, Fundraise, Students!!

The Yearbook is currently under construction, and this week was the deadline for Senior messages to be put in the yearbook. This is an opportunity for seniors to say goodbye to underclassmen and teachers and leave one of their favorite quotes, as well as more light-hearted categories like “Always Saying...” and speculating on their cause of death. Senior Superlatives were also voted on this week, and as soon as the results are out, we’ll fill you in.