Indian Township

Town News

Donna Meader-York

Veterans’ Day kicks off a new season of thanks as we thank all those who have served our country; past and present, here and gone.  I always think it paves the way for Thanksgiving, when we are thankful for everything in our lives.  Even those who may be down and out can find something positive to be thankful for.  On November 19th, Indian Township School’s Bi-lingual/Culture team is taking 4th grade students to the elderly meal site to share a Thanksgiving meal, and sing a song.  Although the children will be singing in Passamaquoddy, the song was Translated to English by Wayne Newell, and Brenda Dana Lozada.  Titled Woliwon Nkihci Niweskum (Thank You Great Spirit), it translates like this:

Thank you Great Spirit

For thunder in the sky.

Thanks for the seasons

That are part of life.

Thanks for the daytime 

And for the night.

Thanks for the way of our lives.

Love our children for they cannot see

O’ Great Spirit what you’re meant to be

Lead us and guide us and show us the way

To help Indian children to know you today.

Each elder will receive a gift, hand made by the grade 5 students; a beaded corn keychain, and a card made by the students of grades 4,5,6.

Basketball has started with practices every Monday through Thursday from 4:00 – 5:00, earlier on Tuesdays, for the boys.  The boys coach is Mike Barnes.  Practices for the girl’s team will be from 3:00 – 4:00, same days, and earlier on Tuesdays.  The girls coach is Kari Cole.  The first game is on November 26th in St. Stephen.  Go Warriors!

The After School Program comes back from hiatus on Wednesday November 13, with lots of new activities!  We’ll have Art, Drumming, Shawl Dancing, Beading, Zumba, Cooking, and Health and Beauty.  Please encourage your child to come!  These are the years where healthy new interests develop.

As always, take care of yourself and keep learning!