School Crossing Guard Retires

Would tell all parents of our great school children at Calais Elementary School the reason have to leave for health reasons. Being at crossing for 16 years, 2 months every day 17° below or 98°, sun, rain or shine. I’m all you at this position never met one boy or girl that was rude. Like to thank great coverage by Calais Police Dept. for putting out newer speed sign patrolling every day, morning and afternoon.

Also thanks school committee, for gifts at Christmas time and special occasions. Also parents Christmas jelly and gift cards. Many thanks to all.

Miss you all, kids


Jack Monaghan and  

Tippee who went to rest 2 years ago

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Mr Monaghan you and Tippee are the best, the walking kids looked forward to going to school each morning just because they got to see you both and us parents could send them in peace knowing you would be watching out for them. Thank you so much for everything you did for our kids all because your a wonderful person. thank you again from Trish Cole , Damien, Skyler, and your Kyle(keel) as you liked to call him.