To The Editor

To The Editor:

To Miss Ellis and the AP English class and to anyone and everyone who took part in supporting our schools in the presentation of the “Salute to Veterans” at Calais High School on November 8.

I am compelled to write to all of you to address my thankful acknowledgement and compliments on your significant achievement of the superb program which you presented at Calais High School in respect for all of our many veterans in the Calais area.

Veterans and wives sitting around me, and including myself, had tears in their eyes.

Your program  to honor our veterans was very thoughtful and presented with complete regard, respect, consideration and attention to detail.

Thank you for the video showing mindful tribute to many of our Calais veterans including my Phelan family veterans.

Thank you to Mr. Coltart, an excellent saxophone playing, and to the Calais Band which includes my grandson John LaPointe, for your exceptional performance under the dedicated direction of Mrs. Brennan.

As Americans we all are proud of our families service to our country and we thank you.

Being a former employee of other school districts for 25 years, I have attended many “Salutes to Veterans” but the Calais school program was by far the most impressive.

Your program was certainly an exceptional learning experience, not only for the AP English class but for all of our young students in attendance from the Calais school system.

As parents, grandparents and all of our concerned citizens of Calais are aware of, an exceptional education is vital for our children’s future and also for the future of the United States.

Congratulations to Mr. Laser as our new superintendent. Welcome to our community. I believe you are already proud to be a part of our school system and will continue to be proud in the future.

Penny Phelan Nugent