The Great Kitten Escape!!

PAWS Brave Hearts still has close to twenty kittens waiting to bust out of their digs at the earliest opportunity.  Don’t worry, most are in loving foster homes where they can run, climb, tumble and bat their eyes for attention.  We all know it doesn’t take much to get attention when you are confident for no good reason and too cute for words!

If you or a friend or family member has been considering the adoption of a kitten, now is the time.  You will have many kittens of all stripes vying for your attention and PAWS is making it easy to say yes – to two kittens for the typical adoption fee for one.  That’s right, for one $80 adoption fee, your family can adopt two kittens who have been spayed or neutered and given all age-appropriate preventative care as well as a free wellness exam at either Calais Vet or Little River Vet Clinic.  

And the feedback has been terrific!  Over the past several years, more families have adopted two kittens to give them the companionship they crave around the clock. Busy families who were on the fence about whether they had time to meet the needs of a non-stop fur baby solved that problem by adopting two!  These little tykes quickly size up their new home, their humans and other pets and then it’s off to the races.  As curiosity get the better of them, they eat, play, sleep and even take care of business side by side.

So don’t wait.  Call PAWS today to find out about the kittens in our care.  We will be glad to talk about your what is important to you.  Believe it or not, there are even a few mellow kittens in this world and two of them are at PAWS!  For more information, call 4547662 or email