Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Hello from Meddybemps to our year-round and seasonal residents who read the Advertiser.  Not much new and exciting has been going on this week.  But, for many, that’s often one of our community’s most attractive features -- peace, quiet and slow and easy days. Not so peaceful, though, is the knowledge that one night last week, someone robbed a local business on Lite Lane of some raw materials!  Sadly, everyone should now be extra careful and are cautioned to keep doors and garages locked day and night.  If one of us has been robbed, then everyone needs to be more careful and look out for our neighbors.  If anything appears suspicious, it is best to err on the side of caution, and call the police.  

On a happier note, happy birthday wishes go to Sharon Nelson on November 24 and Lee Roderick on November 26.  Congratulations are also in order for Ike Winchester who bagged a nice buck during hunting season.  Last week, Barry saw a six point buck ambling down Route 191.  It most likely wandered out of Moosehorn National Wildlife Reserve.

Get well wishes to Jean Voelker who is suffering from a kidney stone.  Ouch!  We hope and pray she will very quickly be through the painful ordeal.

Rich Lentz stopped by his camp in Meddybemps on the way to The Forks near Bingham to meet up with his brother Tim for some hunting.  Tim resides year round in Costigan, Maine. They used to camp in tents during hunting season in the past. However, in more recent years, they stay at a very nice lodge in the area and come home from each day’s hunt to a hot shower, good meal and warm room.   

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