Washington County’s Own “Karate Kid”

By Gwen Clark

Zachery Wheelock has made a name for himself at the youthful age of eleven years old.  Zachery is the son of Jennifer Newman and Chad Wheelock who reside in Hartford, Alabama.  Both Jennifer and Chad grew up and attended schools in Baileyville.  Zachery began taking Tai-Kwon-Do lessons about two years ago when he first turned ten years old.   He had a special natural grasp for the Martial Arts.  He excelled in his local competitions in the Hartford area.  Zachery currently holds the Point Leadership for the State Championship  in Alabama in both Combat and Sparring Competitions.

The American Tai-Kwon-Do  Association held their fall national Tai-Kwon-Do competition in Orlando, Florida  during the third week of October this year 2013 at the CSPN Wide World of Sports in Disney World.   Over three thousand competitors from over four different countries attended and Zachery was there as well.   During his first round of  Sparring Competition he suffered an injury to his ankle.   He was seen by a trainer and doctor and they thought that he would not be able to continue in the event.  It was at first considered that he may have a hairline fracture in his ankle.   The trainer applied ice to the injury for approximately twenty minutes.  Zachery was anguishing over not being able to continue in the competition and was re-evaluated. The professionals examined his injury and told him that if he could bear his weight on the leg and stomp his foot hard with exerted pressure on it without pain, they would allow him to continue in the competition.  The icing  of the injury proved to  miraculously   cause the ankle to reach a full recovery.  Zachery was  allowed to continue in the competition and  re-entered the Sparring and Combat Competition  where he won a continuous five rounds to secure a First Place overall position.   Zachery also received the Good Sportsmanship Award for the event.  Zachery and his parents returned to Alabama with the Titles from National Competition.

Once the family returned to Alabama, his parents took Zachery to a clinic to check up on his ankle and it was discovered that he had fractured it and has been in a cast for four weeks since competing in Florida. 

Although Zachery and his parents currently live in Alabama, his family ties through his Grandparents are here in Baileyville, Washington County, Maine.    His grandparents are Sue Wheelock and Norman Call and David and Pam Newman.   Great grandmother Ann Wheelock of Florida and  Great-grandmother Jodi Greenlaw of Bangor, Maine.