Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Happy Thanksgiving blessings to all.  This holiday always brings to mind the words of an old song from Sunday School that we sang when I was a little girl:  “Count your blessings, count them one by one, count your many blessings, see what God has done.”  Many of us cancer survivors find every good thing to be very special, because each new day is such a tremendous gift.  The petty annoyances and little details of life are not so bothersome anymore.  Good wishes and good health to all!

Get well wishes and prayers to those in our community going through health issues, and to our shut-ins, those with continuing health issues, and caregivers who give so tirelessly.  We wish you many blessings for continued strength and great comfort.

Late November has brought biting cold to Meddybemps. Last week delivered a kaleidescope of weather. Overnight temperatures on Sunday/Monday were in the low teens. The cove we live on at the Meddybemps end of the lake was nearly completely frozen over on Monday.  Due to high winds pushing around the earlier skims of ice, the lake surface looks like a big pan of crushed ice.  Icy roads Saturday morning, created from dusty snow blown around by high wind gusts, required the first sanding of our roadways. Whoever takes care of them must have done so very early in the morning, and did a great job of making travel safer through our community. 

Best wishes to Sally Ketchen and Chris Gillespie who celebrate their birthdays this week on December 1 and 4, respectively; and to everyone else with special occasions in the coming week.  Sharon Nelson was surprised by a party in her honor on her birthday, Sunday, November 24 at April Noel’s home.  Mike Johnson provided the ingredients for a lovely birthday celebration, and April prepared luscious appetizers and seafood chowder. Joining in the festivities were, of course, Sharon, April and Mike, along with Ed and Kathy Bell, Brian and Julie Hollowell and Barry and I. Sharon was completely surprised by the party.  She greatly enjoyed celebrating her day with good friends, good food, cake and ice cream, and thoughtful gifts.  

For those reading this on Thanksgiving morning, there is still time to enjoy the Thanksgiving Meal provided as a gift by Grampy Bill’s Place and Second Baptist Church held at the church from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.  No reservations needed.  Just show up with an open heart and a hardy appetite, and be blessed.

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