Robbinston Teacher Participates in Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Program

Submitted by RGS

This past summer, Robbinston Grade School’s K-2 teacher, Karin Lingley, worked as a Teacher_Ranger-Teacher at St. Croix Island International Historical Site in Calais.

The Teacher-Ranger-Teacher program is a national program that enables teachers to work as interpretive park rangers in national parks across the U.S. and return to their respective schools to deliver the National Park Service message that preserving history and park resources in perpetuity is important to the American people.

Eastern National, a non-profit, cooperating organization of the National Park Service, operates the book store at the Saint Croix Island visitor center as well as many other national park sites located in the northeast. A percentage of the profits from Eastern National sales are returned to the parks for educational purposes. The Teacher-Ranger-Teacher program allowed one-time educational funds from Eastern National to finance the Robbinston Grade School field trip to Acadia National Park.

The staff and students of Robbinston Grade School are grateful to Mrs. Lingley, the Teacher-Ranger-Teacher program, Eastern National, and Saint Croix Island International Historic Site for the wonderful opportunities these funds have provided.

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