Calais Police Department

During the week of the 14th officers handled a total of 48 complaints as well as 5 traffic accidents. Officers during the week have been investigating assaults and several thefts in the Calais area. The addition of the detective to the ranks has helped considerably with the very time consuming cases and the domestic violence issues Calais Officers have been dealing with.

On Monday , December 9th 2013 Calais Police issued a summons to Sandra Sawtelle, 39, of East Machias for theft that took place at Marden’s. Sawtelle is under investigation for several other theft in the Calais area and more charges are likely in the near future.

On Thursday, December 12th, 2013 The Calais Police arrested Amy Flood 35 of Calais for theft at Wal-Mart. Flood attempted to steal over $600.00 in items from the store.

On Friday, December 13th, 2013 the Calais Police arrested Elizabeth Knight for assault. It is alleged that she assaulted her minor child at their residence on in Calais. This case is still under investigation

Also on the 13th the Calais Police issued a summons to Richard Davis, 85, of Calais for operating a motor vehicle while his license was suspended.

We would also like to thank everyone that used their safe driving skills over the weekend. With the first big snowfall of this year it was good to see many people following the basics like, making sure they can see out all of their windows, braking early and slowing down. Thanks again.

The Calais Police headed to Baileyville last week to help with some knock and talks at the Woodland Manor. Chief Fitzsimmons invited us up and it was great to get out and help with the Chiefs proactive campaign.