Sewall Memorial Congregational Church in Robbinston to Host a Christmas Service

As the days of Advent draw us on toward Christmas Day, the congregation of Sewall Memorial Congregational Church will be hosting a special Community Christmas Service on Sunday, December 22nd for everyone in Robbinston and the surrounding area.  Since it will be held at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon, if the day is sunny the building’s glorious stained-glass windows will be at their sparkling brightest.

Sunny or not, there will be plenty of brightness in the singing of carols, telling of stories, and other activities.  Mr. Limberlegs may even put in an appearance to delight children and adults alike, as he “dances” to “Good King Wenceslas.”  There will also be some light refreshments to follow the service.

Those passing the church building in recent months may have noticed that sections of the large front window have been slowly vanishing, as they’ve been damaged or are in perilous condition.  Soon they will all be gone, sent to the restorers in Portland.  So this is likely a final opportunity, for a while, to see the window in its proper place.  All are welcome to join in the celebration and the beauty.