Town News

Dorothy Johnson

Today is Sunday and we are enjoying an ice event in the St. Croix Valley.  I have scraped the ice from my car twice this weekend and according to the predictions, I may have to schedule at least two more scrapings.  Still, this weather, though treacherous, is not as bad as what other areas are getting on this, the last weekend before Christmas 2013.

Many of the Christmas activities had to be postponed for this weekend.  Churches were closed and pre-Christmas services have had to be rescheduled.  Those who left their Christmas shopping for the last weekend are now sliding east on Route 9 or scraping their cars in a Bangor parking lot. 

Locally, the crews have been working on plowing the ice and sleet and sanding over what ice stays on the street.  We still have shoppers in the Calais and we have lots of gifts available locally.  It sure beats sliding east or west on Route 9.

The Woodland Jr./Sr. High School put on its Christmas Fine Arts Festival on Friday evening.  Art, chorus and band students put on good displays and musical presentations for those who braved the elements and went to the show.  The students and their teachers did a great job.

Many of our self-appointed Santas planned ahead and have their deliveries made for the big day.  I often wonder how so few are able to do so much.  Here are the examples of giving I have encountered this year:  

Each year the family of Ronnie and Connie Croman hold a “Day After the Day the Day After” Thanksgiving party, which is hosted by Wayne Croman and Vicki Preston.  Each guest brings a pot luck item, a food pantry item and an “auction” item.  The party is lively with lots of food, games, music and fun.  As the auctioneer, Vicki Is hilarious and has a way of opening wallets that have cobwebs in them for a while.  This year the yield was $230.  It was decided by the family that the money should be split with $115 each going to the Woodland and Princeton Libraries, which they feel are valuable assets to their communities.

The IOOF Frontier Lodge and the Riverside Rebekahs have raised more than $3000 toward the shortfall for the Woodland Public Library.

The Frontier Lodge also made a potato run to Aroostook County and brought back potatoes for anyone that needed them.

The Riverside Rebekahs took on a family of three children and a complete Christmas for them, toys, clothes, food, etc.  The members of the group had a great time giving and the kids will have a very Merry Christmas.

Members of the People’s United Methodist Church provided toys and clothes for eleven needy children as identified by the staff at the elementary school.  This same group put together forty fruit and candy baskets for shut-ins and elderly in the area.

The Life Skills Class at the high school earned money through picking up bottles and chose and bought items for the local food pantry.

The Ladies Auxiliary is filling boxes to be sent to Maine troops deployed to Afghanistan.  The list of items needed for the troops came from the Department, the state division of the Ladies’ Auxiliaries.

Briana Jack has collected books from local individuals and organizations so that each child in grades K-8 in Washington County may receive a book for Christmas.

This is not an exclusive list because many other groups and individuals in this area have worked all year to make the holidays brighter for others.  I salute all those who think of others before themselves.

The weather has made traveling a bit dicey for the holiday, but I will have those visiting in the area in next week’s column.

Happy birthday wishes are going out this week (December 27th through January 2nd) to the following: Brian Boomer, Jennifer Bohanon, Heather Hamilton, Tim Curtis, Darren James, David Brown, Jeannie Ferry, Emily Ramsdell, Heather Arthurs, Russell Carle, Chelsea Lynds, Melanie Cochran, John Moholland, Todd Cilley, Isabelle Hewes, David Irving, Bill Gibson, SR., Monica Laney, Heather James and Brad Richard.  May you all have a wonderful birthday.

Hellos are going out this week to members of the Bill White family, Marian Hunnewell, Barbara Landry, Janet Johnson, Gloria Smith, Bud and Barbara Kneeland, Ruth Foss, Anne Riddell, Nada Williams, Janice Flood, Alice Jean Robinson, Joan Corning, Katrine Howland, Greta Leighton and anyone else who needs a lift.

Enjoy your holidays.  Have a Happy New Year.  Stay safe and watch out for the ice.