Beckett Center News

Town News

Monday the crew went to WCCC and played different games. Also a few walked around and did kickball.

Tuesday some went swimming in Machias, while others worked on arts and crafts and chatted with friends.

Wednesday was a snow day, so a few participants opted to come in. A small crew worked on cooking and preparing the Christmas meal.

Thursday was our annual Christmas party. In the morning Sam Coltart came and played Christmas songs on his saxophone. Also we had Dunkin Donuts, such as a variety of donuts and coffee.  As well a friend stopped in for a visit, who recently moved back to the area, and we sang some Christmas carols. The Christmas dinner consisted of ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, carrots, rolls/w butter. For dessert we had delectable peanut butter balls, cheesecake and cupcakes. In the afternoon we opened presents. Some of the gifts received were cd’s, clothes, and jewelry.

Friday a couple played WII, Yahtzee and worked on puzzles.  We had leftovers for lunch.