Indian Township

Town News

Donna Meader-York

There is quite a bit to report on at Indian Township School this week.

We have had much joy and much sorrow in a short span of time.  We’ve had frustration with our plans being disturbed by the weather, yet all the while trudging on and adjusting as we often must do in this part of the country!

The After School Program had (notice I said had) an exciting week of Santa’s Workshops planned for all our little elves. We had gift making, ornaments making, and cookie decorating planned. We even had the birds taken care of with popcorn and cranberry garland making! However, two of our days had school cancellations, and we were left with one day for elf activity. So, we did what we do best, and whipped a schedule into place to cram as much fun into one afternoon as possible. The children decorated cookies, stockings, and made photo frame ornaments with their pictures in them. The staff hustled and bustled, and the kids had fun which is all that counts. A big thank you goes out to the ASP staff that participated; Kci woliwon!

On December 10, the staff at ITS held their Christmas party in two parts. Part one was immediately after student dismissal, in the gym, where we enjoyed a Yankee swap and a bunch of “reindeer games”. There was much laughter and good cheer; well needed indeed. Following the games, we all headed to the Old School Restaurant in Princeton, where they accommodated our staff for dinner. Although it was a new experience for the restaurant staff to serve that many people at one time, they did a wonderful job, and the food was great! We could choose from a roast beef dinner, baked chicken dinner, or choose from the menu. I had the seafood, which was delicious, and I highly recommend the Coconut Cream Pie!  This Christmas party would not have been possible if not for the planning expertise of Tonya Tomah.  Kci woliwon Tonya! Also, a big thank you to our principal, Terry Lux for making the party possible.

The eighth grade class completed a project during their library time; a project of giving, or doing something for someone without expecting something in return.  They chose to make wreaths to decorate the doors at the front of the school for all to enjoy as they enter the school. All materials were donated for the wreath making. The tips were donated by Arthur Nicholas, 8th grader, and the other materials were donated by the After School Program, left over from previous years.  Kci woliwon Arthur!

Last Thursday, the annual Elder’s Christmas dinner was held at the school.  The Elders were treated to a Christmas concert preformed by the students in grades Kindergarten through grade 5; all sung in Passamaquoddy. Then they were served a prime rib dinner, and cheesecake for dessert. Dinner was prepared by an exceptional chef Becky Bailey, and served by a remarkable wait-staff, Geri Reynolds, yours truly, Terry Lux, and Regina Nicholas.  The Elders were treated to handmade gifts, made by the students, and were also given chances to win poinsettia plants, and various other prizes donated by local businesses. I was witness to much comfort and joy, and it was all due to the hard work of teaching and planning by our Passamaquoddy teachers; Brenda Lozada, and Regina Nicholas. Kci woliwon girls, and also, for letting me be a part of it all.

   As we trudge along in our daily duties, hearts are heavy, and our whole community is extra emotional from the tragedy that struck one of our families.  Where one family is affected, so are we all affected when a loved one’s journey on earth comes to an end.

 Jesse Boston, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend whose journey has not really come to an end. She simply walks in beauty in a different place with a smile of peace upon her face.

Although she is missed, the pain is deep we have our memories of her to keep.

Rest easy Jesse.

(Donna Meader-York)

We wish you all comfort and joy and a safe and healthy holiday season.  Until next week, take care of yourselves and keep learning!