Town News

Arline Flood


Our power came on yesterday in the afternoon while we were in Calais. When everything hit bottom we called Marcia and escaped to her warm house, a shower and hot food which she cooked for us with a complete breakfast with lots of hot coffee. Our power here in Cooper went out all day Sunday, back on overnight and then out until Friday. We survived, thanks to our great family. Denny sanded our path to the garage when it was a glare of ice and he brought us some firewood. We still have an oil stove in the basement and  it did help to heat up soup and melt ice for the flush. With three in the house we needed a lot of water. We got water from Marcia’s thankfully. But the snow storm kept us home bound. On Tuesday we drove to Bangor to collect our son Eric on bare roads except for the side roads. It was bitter cold and all the restaurants in Bangor were closed. We got a sandwich at a convenience store. By 11 we were home and was greeted by heat and lights that our son Ronny has hooked up to a generator. I love him a lot but this was the greatest yet. We survived by the care of him and Trevor and Sandy and Denny. Justin plowed us out. Our old stove doesn’t have a damper  in the chimney and has a few cracks showing out cheerful lights but it did help.  We used a new camp stove from Denny and Sandy to cook on and to heat water for coffee. Christmas day we ate a wonderful turkey dinner at Marcia’s and when we visited at Phill and Karyn’s she sent home a complete lasagna dinner along with salad and dessert. I know there are others who had it much worse on some of the side roads with all the downed trees. Our willow tree broke all up, crashing down on Monday along with hundreds of other trees. You could hear it all until Tuesday. What a symphony of sound.  The phone lines were out a couple of times. Over on Cooper Hill the trees hung into the road with one-way traffic at times. Broken trees are everywhere. The view on the way to Bangor was something else and when the sun hit the top of the trees they sparkled like giant diamonds. The snow has covered up the ice but believe me, it’s still there and weighs a ton. Even the snow is dazzling. Yesterday the generator threw a fit and would start but then go out, it was cold, we needed water and a cup of coffee was to die for. I felt so crummy and all I could think of was, Marcia, help!

The Cooper Volunteer Fire Department was out and about checking on the residents, putting heaters in the town office. They got heat for one elderly lady on the East Ridge Road and kept a close check on her. Some were cutting debris out of blocked driveways. FEMA funds are helping with assistance during this crisis. Think kindly on those who plow and sand the roads as it is a hard and sometimes dangerous job  especially during an ice storm. The cold hampers the sand-salt from working as well as it can. And those men who have worked for 16 hours straight on the Eastern Maine Electric lines are real heros. They missed Christmas with their loved ones giving their all. It’s also very hard on those families worrying about the hardship of this vicious ice storm, on those out for such long hours.

There is also much joy on having loved ones home for Christmas as we have Eric with us along with phone calls, when the line is fixed. Rolfe called this morning and Janice is out of the rehab. They spent Christmas with Rhonda and family and are back at the Methodist Homes in Calais. Our Florida loved ones are well and have called Sandy. Like Dot, I too will always miss my mother over Christmas. She was such a constant in my life.

A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the folks who read my news these many  years.