2013 ACHS Activities

Seven new articles were prepared in 2013 and soon will be on our web site, <mainething.com/alexander> A long list of place names in Alexander will not only identify the places, but also in many cases describe where the name came from. Who knows where to find Henderson Swamp or Pine Ridge Road? 

A picture lost, but found in our files is of ten soldiers of the Sixth Maine Light Artillery from the Civil War. One from Crawford is identified and has many descendants in the area. Who are the other nine? Sprague Connections ties together the Sprague families of Alexander. One signed the Petition for Alexander’s Incorporation as a town.

Ella Hunnewell Howe’s autograph book from the mid-1950s gives a picture of her activities and people she knew. Several who still live in Alexander signed her book. We have the story of Jim McCurdy who lived here and played country – western music. Find out who played in his ‘kitchen band’ and listen to the clip of four songs.

The major work is a time line with maps. This would print out to be 80 pages and is meant to be searched on line. It describes Alexander from the time of the glaciers and has many people names listed and detailed such as on the 1914 Tax Collectors records. 

And finally we bring up to date the Alexander – Crawford Community Scholarship. We list all the recipients and donors. The updated Scholarship Book is at the Alexander Town Office. The fund can always stand more money; so if you wish to support this worthwhile local effort, send your check (A – C Scholarship) to Susan Wallace, 2252 Airline Road, Crawford ME 04694. 

The Society still collects news of Alexander and Alexander people for future historians. The major addition to our files is called Luther Thornton Images. These are 55 images likely all taken by Marcia Grover Williams between 1955 and 1959. All, but one, are Crawford or South Princeton images, the odd one is of Peaked Hill north of the Airline in Clifton. Hopefully we can share some of these images in 2015. We thank Susan Thornton Wallace for sharing these neat pictures.

ACHS still collects for the archives (at the Alexander Municipal Building), helps researchers (Woodruff for one this summer) and shares our history. Contact John Dudley at 216 Pokey Rd Alexander 04694 - phone 454-7476.