Town News

Dorothy Johnson

The furnaces have enjoyed a few hours of respite each day as the residents of the St. Croix Valley have enjoyed a few days of above freezing temperatures.  The intermittent rain has given us slick roads for the morning drive to work and school, but the ice soon disappears and just leaves the ground wet.  The weather has been a pleasant break from the rough ice storm of last month.

The first semester of the school year is now complete so that means the year is half over.  Seniors who have applied to further their education should be receiving news from the colleges of their choice.  

The Riverside Rebekahs are planning their February breakfast for Sunday, February 2 from 7:30 until 9:a.m.  This is a really great breakfast (pancakes, eggs, toast, bacon, sausage) and a good social time so let’s hope the weather cooperates.

The Riverside Rebekahs are planning a new fund raiser for the second Sunday in February, a beano noon with lunches served.  More information on this event will be in new week’s column.

Readers are reminded of the free computer course being offered at the Woodland Public Library.  Call the librarians for more information. 

The People’s United Methodist Church had its first annual chili-cook-off on Saturday.  The event was well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy the choices of chili, drinks and dessert.  The members are planning to make this a mid-winter fund raiser again next year.

The next fund raising event for the People’s United Methodist Church will be a turkey supper the first Thursday in February. Freddie, John, Ron and Carleton are out looking for the turkeys on the weekends, but so far Carleton is the only one seeing any.

Six turkeys have been seen in the Junction in back of the Perkins’ property on Oxford Street.  Charlene thought she was feeding the crows, but other critters are coming for lunch.  After the turkeys cleaned up the food, they went down to the railroad track to alert the Border Patrol that they had their eyes on Canada.

Some fairly tame deer have been seen around town.  Many people are visiting a family of deer on Palm Street and I have seen two deer in the Junction.  Drivers beware.

Before Christmas, Iris Brown headed up a “Cards for Troops” program and encouraged several members of the Methodist Church to write generic notes that were then sent to troops all over the world.  Everyone was surprised and encouraged that John Gallant received a thank you from shipmates and fellow service members stationed at the Coast Guard Communications Station at Kodiak Island, Alaska.  The thank you was written by Patrick Hanks (OS3) on behalf of those stationed with him.  The service members were pleased to get Christmas mail, and it was rewarding to receive an acknowledgement.

Several Baileyville residents enjoyed the “Supper in a Bowl” fund raiser at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church last Friday.  Church members prepared lentil soup, chicken noodle soup, chili, corn chowder and fish chowder for their menu and supported the meal with corn bread, rye and wheat bread and several kinds of crackers and dessert.  The event went over quite well with participants looking forward to when the next one would be scheduled.

The W. T. Wren American Legion Auxiliary met on Monday evening and prepared boxes to send to the Maine troops now deployed in Afghanistan.  The department sent the information on where the items should be sent and now the auxiliary has filled five boxes to send along.  It is surprising how many simple items our troops can use in their deployment and why these items are not provided by the government who sends them. With donations and auxiliary money, the ladies were able to put together five boxes of snacks, playing cards, word search books and toiletries.

Happy birthday wishes are going out this week (January 24th through January 30th) to the following: Marilyn James, Alane Gayton, Pam Moore, Jenna Ripley, Tommy Farnam, Michael Murphy, Jeremy MacArthur, Abby Theriault, Ralph Flood, Rolfe Flood, Adam Simpson, Alicia Roderick, Ernest Carle, William Nicholas, Jr., Jordyn Olsson, Ruth Smith, Mia Emery, Ebonica Newman, Robin Harriman, Jimmy James, Beth Boomer, Madeline Perkins, Don Roffey, Dean Carlow and Bob Miller.

Celebrating their anniversaries this week will be Clarence and Shirley Murphy.  Their nubers are getting really high.

Special hellos are going out this week to Marian Hunnewell, Madeline Perkins, Iris Brown, Gloria Smith, Pete Mercier, Arline McLaughlin, Thelma Wescott, Gail Moffitt, Ernest and Gloria Leighton, Bud Kneeland, Rose Merritt, John McArthur and anyone else who needs a lift.

Stay warm and have a great week.