Town News

Arline Flood


After a brilliant moonlit night, it’s cloudy again on this Monday morning. The snow has added up and is sticking to everything. And there is a planned power outage from 10 - 1 today. We’re heading for Calais!

We went to our first Chili cook-off contest at the People’s United Methodist Church in Woodland. It was an eye opener and fun! One cook was still bribing customers with candy bars. I haven’t heard if he won with his sweet bribes or not. It was great to have Rolfe and Janice there also. The best part of attending anything at this church is meeting up with old friends.

It’s a small world sometimes. After a medical appointment, Marcia, Paul and PJ decided to eat lunch at the Weathervane and ran into Vint and Ann Cassidy and Vince Dineen and Janet Ketchen in the lobby ready to leave. They were there separately also in Brewer for medical reasons.

Two teenagers escaped with bumps and bruises after their car spun out of control on South Princeton Road, turned over and then smashed into a tree. Austin Niles and Josey Lee were picking up a friend from school and ran into the black ice. It’s a scary thought when this happens to our loved ones and we need to remind them to look out for black ice in the morning especially. The school buses were delayed one hour for a reason.

Pete and Liz Trount had just returned from a happy belated Christmas visit when they received the sad news of Pete’s uncle’s passing in New York State and so will be traveling again this week there for the funeral. Safe traveling wishes for them during this uncertain weather. Pastor Jeremy Towne and Jane were with us again this week. His theme for his sermon this week was “Hades.” Last week it was “Heaven.” The Meddybemps Christian Church starts at 9:30 until 10:15 each Sunday. After the service  “coffee”  was enjoyed with lots of good snacks to pick from. Pastor Joe will be back next Sunday.

Dawn Winchester is planning a “CROP” party this Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm at the Meddybemps Community Center. On Friday, a special banquet will be held for those who completed 213 pages in their albums. I made it!

The Cooper Volunteer Fire Department meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at the fire hall. Once again, they came to the rescue of an elderly gentleman who lay sick in bed without his long driveway being plowed and some of the local firemen helped shovel and get him out to the ambulance.

The Cathance Grange is in recess for the next two months to save on fuel. It takes all day to heat up the Hall and that runs into quite a fuel bill for the town. I believe the Community Center is also meeting in other places at this time to plan future activities at the Hall in warmer weather. No one is being singled out, it is a decision of the Selectboard.

Much sympathy to the family of Ethel Granville. I met her through TOPS some time ago. I know she will be missed.

TOPS 256 meets each Tuesday at the Methodist Church in Calais from 4:30 pm until 6:00 pm. Marcia Wheelock is the leader and Jeff Townsend the co-leader. Timely subjects, hints and help for weight loss are discussed each meeting. The area leader, Martha Nason, has retired and a card was mailed to her. Janice Cote has been elected to take her place. We already know her and have worked on a rally with her. Two of the KOPS have left the group and we miss their support. There is nothing more inspiring to a weight loss group than to have a member lose and keep it off for years. We have a couple of members that are on a roll starting in late December and we are all cheering them on. I managed to get through the holidays with a 1 pound loss. I’m hooked on oranges big or little and that helps. (By hooked, I mean a couple a day.)