Elias Barber House

One of the oldest homes in Calais still standing is the Elias Barber, sometimes spelled Barbour, house at the corner of Main and Germain streets. 

This house was built about 1830 for Elias Barbour, but by 1856 it belonged to Mr. J. Ames. For many years the house was owned by Dr. Miner, who lived in the house and practiced dentistry. After retiring in 1976, he sold the house to its present owner, the Kendalls, and moved to his farm in Robbinston, where he now resides.

Elias Barbour is a bit of a mystery. If the house was indeed built in 1830 it was one of the nicest homes in Calais at the time and its owner, we would have thought, would have been quite a prominent citizen. However very little can be found in the historical record about Elias Barbour in Calais proper but in 1856 he became the first lighthouse keeper at St Croix Island, a position which paid $350 per year.

From genealogy records we know Elias was born about 1793 in Massachusetts and married Sarah P. who died in 1854. They had two children Vesta and Horatio. Sarah is buried in the Red Beach cemetery and, while there is no gravestone for Elias, Sharon Howland speculates he may also be buried there as many of the stones in the Barbour (Barber) lot are overturned.  Elias remarried to a Robbinston lady named Eliza Collins and they has a son Luther in 1860.