IFW Ice Fishing Report For January 17, 2014

Region C


“We are getting a lot of calls and reports that things are going well for anglers,” said IFW fisheries biologist Greg Burr.

Burr did say that early on, with the deep snow and slush, people were having difficulty getting out to different areas of some lakes, but as conditions got better, anglers were getting out to their favorite spots.

Most places Downeast have at least 8-12 inches of ice, with some locales having more. Burr cautioned anglers that there are some treacherous areas, however, with the recent warm-up.

“Anglers should use caution,” said Burr, “Old ice fishing holes and areas around rocks have opened up. Anywhere there is moving water such as saddle areas, inlets and outlets can be dangerous as the ice has deteriorated. Around shore, there are pockets of water between the shore and ice. It’s hard to get on the ice in some places, and people should use caution,” said Burr, who added that with colder weather on the way, things should get better in a hurry.

While the ice may be below average for this season, the fishing has been very good.

“People are excited on Schoodic Lake. There’s a new stocking program there and anglers are catching brook trout in the 14-16 inch range, and even some trophies in the 18-22” range. Anglers are also catching some nice salmon,” said Burr.

Tunk Lake also has been producing, with togue in the 26-30 inch range and 22-23 inch salmon being caught. Anglers have also had good success for salmon at Beech Hill Pond and Cathance Lake.

Anglers are also excited about rainbow trout in Jones Pond in Gouldsboro. People are still figure out the best way to get rainbow trout, but some are having success. There’s also some nice browns in the 16-20 range as well.