Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Here we are in Meddybemps -- the land of power outages, snow, ice and just plain winter weather.  Our temperatures are again dipping to more seasonal single digits making many of us grateful for the added warmth of our wood stoves.  Each season has its own beauty and this one is no exception. The brightness of the outside lights, as I took Scuffy out for the last time Saturday night, created a breathtaking reflection across the snow as if millions of tiny crystals had been strewn across lawns, lanes and lake surfaces.  Yes, winter can be beautiful!

Winter is certainly nicer in warmer climates.  Ask Lance and Cheryl Bagley, who are enjoying some down-time in the islands.  They flew to Florida, and then boarded a ship for a cruise from Florida to Puerto Rico, St. Barts, St. Kits and other tropical ports.  We are so happy that Cheryl recovered from her recent appendicitis surgery to completely enjoy the trip. House and pet sitting services provided by Penny Lurie made it possible for them to travel without worries about their home and furry family members.

Caution to everyone about going out on lake surfaces.  Due to changing temperatures, there are still areas of open water along many shorelines.  Our little Scuffy took a run out onto the ice and nearly ended up in a thawed area.  Thankfully, it was at our shore.  She stared at the open water for a little while; and then smartly decided to retrace her steps across the ice back to our yard.  Since she is only 17 or so pounds, she didn’t break through.  She never ventured into dangerous territory before.  We now know we must keep a sharp eye on her if we allow her to run around the yard.  Actions of little kids and little pets can be so tricky -- and risky, not realizing their actions can be life threatening. And so we must be ever more vigilant to protect them.   

Continuing get well wishes to Ed Ketchen, Paul Johnson, and many in our community who have come down with the flu and other winter ailments.  

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