Town News

Kathy Mekelburg


The day I wrote this, Sunday, we have just ended two days of snow flurries which fortunately only amounted to 2 inches, and that means we don’t have to shovel or plow. I was interested to find out that the long cold stretch from January 2nd to January 4th was the longest stretch of below zero temperature in 96 years. It is supposed to be cold until the end of the week then warm up again. No storms in sight.

Last Tuesday, January 14th, Darlene McConnell and Joan Ross traveled to Bangor for a doctor’s appointment. When it was time to come home, the fog was so thick it took them almost twice as long.

Get well wishes to Chad Allen who is school secretary and keeps everything running smoothly.

Services at the Sewall Memorial Congregational Church have recessed until the spring.