Town News

Dorothy Johnson

The weather is not hard to describe for last week: snow, cold, snow, snow.  The school students and personnel are enjoying an extra long winter break and everyone is happy about the storms.

We learned last week of the passing of Elwood Tozier, a long time resident of Woodland.  He and his wife Brenda lived in this area until they had to move to Bangor to be closer to medical services.  Elwood was injured while he was in the military and suffered for the rest of his life from complications from the injuries.  Still, he never let life’s hardships get him down and he always had a smile for everyone he met.  Sympathy is going out this week to Brenda and daughter Jennifer and their families.

The Woodland Elementary School and the Maine Books for Maine Kids are doing a read-a-thon.  The students have until March 3rd to read as many books as they can and collect pledges from their relatives and friends.  The money earned will be used to have a Maine author visit the Woodland Elementary School.  This is the second year for this fund raiser and last year the students earned enough to have author Lynn Plourde was a guest speaker.

Fifth grader Brianna Jack is getting noticed for her dedicated work of getting books into the hands of Maine kids.  This past week, she received commendations for her work as a community helper and from President Obama.  Congratulations, Brianna and let’s not leave out younger sister Eliza, who is involved in many of Brianna’s activities.

Readers are reminded of the free computer classes to be offered at the Woodland Public Library.  The next class will be Beginner Word and is instructed by Axiom Technologies. Class will begin on Wednesday, April 9th from 12:30-2:00.Call the library to register.

The librarians are looking for donations of used DVDs and used books on CD to loan to those people who prefer this technology to actually having books.

The public supper at the Spednic Club on Saturday evening was a great success in spite of the storm. The club members made $3600 toward the fire alarm system.  This will not be enough for the entire cost but it will certainly help.  Members have a raffle for $100 gallons of oil going until March 2nd and are looking forward to hosting the Eastern Maine Bowling Tournament in April.  The club members are also sponsoring music jams on Sundays.  The fire inspector will return in May so members are hoping to have everything done and paid for by then.  The club members have done a lot for this community.  Now they need a bit of help themselves.  Let’s help.

The Public Supper for March for the People’s United Methodist Church will be a pork supper scheduled for Thursday, March 6th.   This will be another excellent meal and take-outs will be available.

The Odd Fellows and Riverside Rebekahs have scheduled March breakfast for Sunday, March 2nd from 7 to 9:30 am.  Their next beano game day will be Sunday, March 9th.  Lunches will be available at 11 and the beano games will begin at 1pm.

The word on the street is that the pellet factory that was to be built on Bailey Hill will not be a realization.  The people behind the concept could not borrow the money to get started.  On the other hand, Baring residents will be voting on whether or not they want a pellet factory at the old airport this week.  More jobs in the area will help the economy whether they are in Woodland or Baring. Let’s hope this really happens.

The town council is working on next year’s budget in preparation for the March town meeting.

Happy birthday wishes are going out this week (February 21st through February 27th) to the following:  Paula White Johnson, Sylvia Brown, Susan Leone, Chester McCray, Rusty Kinney IV, Nancy Carlow, Carl Oakes, Patrick Barnard, Bill Moir, Natalie Cadett, Kate Caruso, Bridget Monk, Jim Greenlaw, Tina Hayward, Sharon Frost, Martha Jones, Ronnie Howland, Stephanie Knowles, Kate McPhee, Anita Lydic, Pat Lowe, Ayden Cochran, Vickie Moores, Ebonica Newman, Shirley Murphy, Michael Landry and Michelle Gallant.  May you all have wonderful celebrations with your families and friends.

Happy anniversary wishes are going out this week to Connie and Everett Dearborn, Glenn and Linda Phelps, Jenny and Jerry Brown, Wayne and Vicki Moores and Larry and Rhonda McIver. Your friends are hoping you will have a fresh anniversary cakes for your special days.

Special hellos are going out this week to Thelma Wescott, Greta Leighton, Sylvie Brown, Brenda Tozier, Jennifer Pratt, Kathleen Sadler, George Gee, Iris Brown, Marilyn Trafton, Vivian Scott, Bud Kneeland and anyone else who needs a lift.