Baileyville Police Report

From February 7 through February 16 the Baileyville Police Department answered 42 calls for service and handled incidents of accidents, animal control complaint, civil assist, burglary, theft and power lines down.

On February 7 a 911 call was received and the caller made a complaint on the unemployment rate. A criminal trespass warning was issued.

On February 8, B.P.D. assisted Calais P.D. with a domestic violence call.

On February 10, officer answered a deer/car crash on Houlton Road. No human injuries were reported.

On February 10, officer was called to Ryan Road for a disturbance between a father and son. Issues were resolved and police officer followed up with both parties.

On February 11, on-duty officer assisted the animal control officer in Princeton.

On February 12, on-duty officer assisted while a person retrieved belongings from Mountain View Drive.

On February 13, police followed up a burglary on Houlton Road. As a result Darren Tinker, 27, of Calais was arrested.

On February 13, a wallet was stolen after it was left at a check out. The incident was caught on video and the investigation continues.

On February 14, a harassment call was received from Houlton Road where a female was being harassed by ex- boyfriend.

On February 15, police received a 911 call on a bullying complaint.

On February 16, on-duty officer had a report of power lines down across Summit Street. Responsible parties were notified.

During the period, nine traffic stops resulted in nine warnings.