Town News

Arline Flood


It’s been a very difficult week. What started as a pounding headache at 2 pm had our daughter, Sandy Lyon, at EMMC by 11 pm. She’s still there at this writing on Monday. They ruled out a stroke and she had a ton of tests, some of them not back yet. Bangor seems so far away during the snow storms that seem to pound us. Marcia and I drove up Saturday to visit and the roads were very good but Sunday was a different story. She’s had flowers and a gift bag to cheer her up. Hopefully there will be answers today and she can come home.

Once again there is smooth snow around, lots of it! The wind drifted some of it in front of the garage. It’s been a rough winter on the independent plowmen who do a lot of these back roads. Endless hours of losing sleep during the worst of storms. I believe there are six side roads in Cooper along with the town office to be plowed. Even the wild critters aren’t moving as the snow is unbroken out back.

Jeff Townsend won the basket at TOPS last Tuesday, also the raffle. We will work on a program this week to help with our weight loss program. It’s a struggle this winter for safe walking out this way and the cold holds me back.

The 2014 Washington County Convention will be held Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 1:00 pm at the Washington Academy cafeteria, High St., East Machias. Doors will open at 12:45 pm. Light refreshments will be provided free of charge. The event is scheduled to run from 1 to 4 pm. Many towns will be caucusing where they will elect membership to their town’s committee and the county Republican committee. They will also select delegates to the state convention at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor in April. The towns included are Baileyville, Big Lake, Township, East Machias, Jonesport, Machias, Machiasport, Calais, Charlotte, Cooper, Edmunds Township and Robbinston.

Congratulations to two Cooper residents being posted on the Washington Academy honor roll, Kathleen Hull and Kelly Ketchen.

Once again the Meddybemps Christian Church was cancelled because of a storm. I also heard through the gravevine that Pastor Joe was under the weather Get well to so many with the flu and colds.

The Legion and auxiliary meetings have also been cancelled because of the weather conditions.

I talked with John Johnson and my two favorite brothers Will and Justin. They were visiting with our cousin Polly for a couple of days. The weather has been mostly good. I seem to get the impression that they don’t miss our snow and cold one bit. Florida does have its good points.

Yesterday our family gathered to celebrate a belated birthday party at the lake side home of Louise Lee who celebrated 75 years on February 13th. Our son Ronny was born on her birthday in 1956. I can remember the day Louise was born and the ground was bare of snow. It was a different story when Ronny made his appearance. I think it was a winter much like this one. Her grandson James Lee did a great job of clearing back the snow, no easy job. Her daughter, Nellie Jo, made her two cakes, both chocolate, of course, one a cheese cake. Lunch was ready for hungry family, chicken soup and dumplings. William Fitch was home for the week during his school vacation from Bangor. We all enjoyed cake and ice cream, even those going to TOPS. As usual lots of pictures to remember the day. We missed Sandy, Denny and the brothers. Her little beagle, Pete, was the star of the show as usual, offering his cute little self to all to be petted.

The Cathance Lake Association 2014 renewal letters were sent out in January. Members are asked to fill out the complete sheet to help better record keeping.