Pembroke Fire Department Coffee House Fundraising Event

Held February 15th at the Pembroke Elementary School

By Susan Gardner

Saturday night outings during a snow storm of expected two feet in blizzard conditions is not exactly a frequent occurrence; however, this past Saturday night, the Pembroke Volunteer Fire Department hosted a wonderfully attended Coffee House fundraising event.  Many Pembroke residents as well as residents from surrounding communities shared their support and enjoyment while listening to an array of entertainment contributed for the success of the Fire Departments organized event. 

Pembroke Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief, Mr. James Ramsdell shared with attendees the necessity for the Coffee House Benefit, “to raise much needed money for the investment of a Thermal Imaging Camera which averages around $10,000.00.” 

Thermal Imaging Cameras, known as TIC’s, is a type of thermographic camera used in firefighting by rendering infrared radiation as visible light. Such cameras allow firefighters to see areas of heat through smoke, darkness, or heat-permeable barriers. TIC cameras are vital for discovering people that are trapped where rescuers cannot find them. Thermal Imaging Cameras are usually handheld devices, yet they can be helmet-mounted to provide firefighters the freedom to carry water hoses and necessary rescue equipment. The cameras are constructed of heat and water resistant housings, while ruggedized enough to withstand the hazards of fire rescue and ground maneuvers.

Pembroke Volunteer Fire Department currently has to rely on borrowing the Thermal Imaging Camera technology from Dennysville Volunteer Fire Department; however, the hope is the community will continue to support efforts to secure this vital piece of equipment for the Pembroke area so as to not   waste precious time requesting this tool elsewhere during a fire emergency.

Fire Chief Ramsdell stated Pembroke Volunteer Fire Department currently has ten volunteers assisting in the safety of Pembroke’s residents in fighting fires on their contributed personal time yet only four individuals are certified to enter into buildings to fight a fire. Requirements for volunteering are easily accomplished through dedication; anyone interested in contributing funds in any amount towards the Thermal Imaging Camera or considering becoming a volunteer fire fighter in Pembroke, please contact Chief Ramsdell  for more information.