Calais High School

Quinn Sluzenski

Congratulations to the Lady Blue Devils on their second straight Eastern Maine Championship!  The team powered past Orono to a decisive victory in last Saturday’s game.  Congratulations as well to the Blue Devils, who played a great season and lost in overtime to Lee Academy in the exciting semifinal game.  The Lady Devils will now face the Western Maine champions, Carrabec High School, in Augusta on March 1st for the state championship title.

The basketball team isn’t the only group competing on Saturday.  The Academic Decathlon team is traveling to Deering High School in Portland for the annual state competition.  They have been preparing all year for this event, even holding the first practice Super Quiz tournament at Calais High School.

Amazingly, Winter Carnival is still not finished at Calais High School.  Since the Friday that it should have ended was snowed out, students were given time after school on Monday of this week to finish their hallways, snow sculptures, and banners.  All of the collection drives ended on Tuesday.  The final theme day, class color day, will be held on Thursday.  The skits will also be presented on Thursday; the Highlighter Dance will be on Thursday night from six to nine.  As always, the price to enter the dance is five dollars, which covers the cost of ten raffle tickets which can be entered in drawings for a variety of prizes.  The Spirit King and Queen nominees are considered guests at the dance and can enter free of charge.

Good luck to the students working on the last pieces of Winter Carnival, and good luck to the Calais teams vying for state titles over the next week.