Eastport Refuses Joint Council Invitation

By Gwen Clark

In the latest joint council meeting between Calais and Baileyville, the suggestion was made to invite both Eastport City Council and Princeton Selectmen to join them in a collaborative meeting to discuss a variety of issues that would benefit the area. During the meeting, Baileyville Town Councilman, Tim Call stated: 

“Banding together, we can make a lot more happen than going it alone.”

Eastport City Council members voted unanimously to reject the invitation to participate in a joint meeting scheduled some time this month. Eastport Council members referred all questions to the City Manager Larry Post. Their decision for not participating in the joint meeting was directed at the City of Calais. 

In an email from Eastport City Manager Larry Post to City Manager Dianne Barnes in February stated: 

“At present Council has no interest in pursuing joint issues. Calais has been involved in several joint ventures with other communities such as for regional ambulance services and schools, but subsequently has chosen to withdrew and go it alone. Thus the track record doesn’t not seem conducive to my Council for joint discussion or ventures at this time. Perhaps at a later date. “