Local Syrup Producers to Open for Maine Maple March 23rd

By Lura Jackson

Maple syrup producers across the state will open their doors on March 23rd as part of Maine Maple Syrup Sunday, welcoming all comers to tour their facilities and sample their delicious products. Local syrup houses are participating in the annual event, including Auger Hill Farm in Marshfield and Chandler’s Sugar Shack in Kossuth (near Topsfield). 

Attendees to the open houses will be given a tour of the extraction process and shown demonstrations of the creation of different products. Auger Hill Farm will also be showing educational films and treating its attendees to free maple sundaes during its open house, which will run from 10-2. Chandler’s Sugar Shack will be providing a tour of its new sugarhouse and wood-fired evaporator while also treating its guests to maple syrup over ice cream between the hours of 9-4.

Maple syrup has been an added flavor to Downeast food since before the colonists came, making it an integral and delicious component of local history. Maine’s particular climate (with warmer days and long, cold nights in the spring) lends perfectly to the flow of sap, giving it a sweetness that is unique to this region. Though the method of extraction and preparation has changed over generations, the pride that is carried in the production of a quality bottle of syrup has rightfully endured.   

For more information on Maine Maple Syrup Sunday, or to find out other participating sugar houses, visit: http://www.mainemapleproducers.com/maine-maple-sunday-map.html/. Auger Hill Farm may be reached at 255-4883; Chandler’s Sugar Shack is reachable at 796-2724.