Baileyville Police Report

The Baileyville Police Department answered 36 calls for service during the week from March 3, 2014 through March 9, 2014 including calls for accidents, a fire at Fulghum Fibers, well being checks, drug intelligent (2), harassment and civil assists.

On March 3, on-duty officer investigated a motor vehicle crash on Houlton Road. A lady operator ran into a handicapped cement sign post causing about $4,000 in damage to her truck.

On March 4, police responded to an agency assist at Fulghum Fiber fire on Main Street.

On March 4, police responded to well-being check on Hillside. A woman had fallen and sustained a possible head injury.

On March 5, drug intelligence was taken. Information was noted and will be followed up on.

On March 6, a civil assist was conducted on Hillside Street.

On March 6, a harassment call was answered on Main Street. A warning was issued.

On March 7 an erratic operation was received from Rt. 9. Officer was unable to locate.

On March 7, two harassment complaints were received. One from Baring and one from Hillside Street. Warnings were issued to each.

On March 7, a motor vehicle complaint came in from Broadway. Vehicle was stopped and operator was deemed not to be under the influence.

On March 8, a possible burglar was checked out on Hillside. Officer investigated. Nothing found out of place. The open door did not have a handle.

On March 8 a drug OUI stop on Houlton Road resulted in the arrest of Horace Neptune, 25, of Pleasant Point.

On March 9, drug intelligence was taken for Baileyville. Information was noted and will be followed up.

Department made 3 traffic stops and issued two warnings and one summons.