Calais District Court

Leroy R. Allen of Danforth, ME. Use of drug paraphernalia. Adjudicated. Fine $300.

E.E. Coleen Bonney of North Saanich. Operating after suspension. Fine $150.

Carl E. Bower of Coldbrook. Rule violation, operation with false duty. Fine $750.

Ross E. Cookson, Jr. of Calais, ME. Fail to provide and display registration. Adjudicated. Fine $100.

Coleen E. Doiron of Charlottetown. Possession of marijuana, up to 1-1/2 oz. Fine $350.

Use of drug paraphernalia. Fine $300.

Ernest Fitts IV of Oxford, ME. Operating unregistered snowmobile. Fine $200.

Dawn Marie Hewes of Topsfield, ME. Littering. Adjudicated. Fine $100.

Jennifer Mills of Bangor, ME. Operating under the influence. Fine $500, license suspended 90 days. Operate vehicle without license. Fine $150.

Richard A. Mingo of Calais ME. Operate vehicle without license - cond/restric. Fine $60.

Chad E. Robinson of Charlotte, ME. Use of drug paraphernalia. Fine $300. Possession of marijuana, up to 1-1/4 oz. Fine $600.

Heidi E. Sockabasin of Princeton, ME. Theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, priors. Department of Correction 18 months. Restitution $147.78. Violation condition of release. Department of Corrections 10 days.

Heidi E. Sockabasin Criminal trespass. Washington County Jail 10 days.